The Fife Tiara Replica


Introducing our newest British Royals Tiara Replica, The Fife Tiara. The Fife Tiara first belonged to Princess Louise of Wales, the oldest daughter of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra. The tiara was given as a wedding gift when she married the Earl of Fife in 1889. Interesting fact, Queen Victoria made Louise's new husband, Alexander Duff, the 6th Duke of Fife just before the wedding because the title was more fitting for a Princess than an Earl.

The Fife tiara is grand in its design with over 200 karats of pearl-shaped diamonds hanging freely in a diamond framework, with round diamonds throughout. The original tiara was gold in the back and silver in the front, and was valued at 1.4 million pounds. It is thought to be the work of Parisian jeweler Oscar Massin, the actual creator remains unknown. 

Metals Type: Copper
Material: Cubic Zirconia
Type: Tiaras
Style: Classic
Item Type: Hairwear
Shape\pattern: Water Drop