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The Crown of the Queen Consort of Bavaria Replica

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  • Introducing our version of The Crown of the Queen-Consort of Bavaria. For the royal history buffs, the Kingdom of Bavaria existed from 1806 to 1918, which is located in the southeast of present-day Germany. Bavaria's reign had longstanding cultural, religious, and political differences which included the independent kingdom was the direct result of Napolean's great wars of conquest. Duke Maximilian Joseph became King Maximilian in 1806 (appointed by Napolean to the throne) but didn't actually wear a crown in public or even arranged a coronation. He was quite a peculiar King based on some accounts. His second wife, Karoline of Baden became Queen Consort and this crown was made for her. The crown of the Queen of Bavaria survived the dissolution of Bavaria as a kingdom (at the end of World War I) and today it is kept in the Bavarian treasury in Munich.  

  • Item Width: 4.57inch
    Metals Type: Zinc Alloy
    Material: Metal
    Item Weight: 667 g
    Item Length: 4.57 inch
    Item Height: 5.75 inch

  • Do not submerge tiara in water. Clean with a microfiber cloth with a light cleaner.

  • This tiara is a collectors item and not recommended for headwear.