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Princess Nassau Tiara Replica

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  • This unique tiara replica and earring set is modelled after the Nassau Tiara, which was made for the Grand Duchess of Luxembourg, Princess Adelheid-Marie of Anhalt-Dessau. The original tiara, which was created during the 19th century, features motifs of leaves and berries, with a large main blue sapphire stone. 

    Quite a favourite of Grand Duchess Marie-Adelaie who wore the original tiara on numerous occasions. 

    A perfect tiara set for any bride, it has also been worn by the Hereditary Grand Duchess Stephanie,  Princess Claire, Princess Tessy, and most recently Princess Marie Gabrielle of Nassau.

  • Metals Type: Copper
    Material: Cubic Zirconia
    Item Type: Hairwear
    Diameter: 14.5 cmH
    Height: 4.2 cm
    Weight: 113 g
    Product length: 26.0 cm

  • Do not submerge in water. Clean with a mild cleaning agent and a microfiber cloth.